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William Bush, MD

William Bush, MD

Dr. William Bush is the Pediatrician-in-Chief for the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital and is a Pediatrician providing pediatric primary care at Forest Hills Pediatric Associates. Dr. Bush also serves as the medical director of The Peter and Joan Secchia Care Partners program at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital directing coordinated care for medically complex children. Dr. Bush received his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh and completed his pediatric residency at Butterworth/Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.
8 Things Your Pediatrician Will Tell You to Stop Doing

As a pediatrician, I see and hear about all sorts of things parents are doing with their kids on a regular basis... the good and the bad. 

In response to this, I have compiled the following eight tips for parents on things any pediatrician would tell you to stop doing. 

1) Stop posting photos of your children on social media without their permission. Funny photos might make you laugh but are embarrassing to your child. Their egos are sensitive. Additionally, unless your posts are private, the whole world (including perpetrators) can see you and where your child is likely to be and when.

2) Stop requesting antibiotics when your child has a cold or other viral illness. This has lessened during the past decade, but we still get many phone requests for antibiotics.