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Julie Torrence

Julie Torrence

Julie Torrence was born and raised in Missouri and currently resides in Kansas City. Julie is a practice assistant for Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. and is the primary caregiver for her father, Clyde.
Psychosis Surprised Me: Parkinson's Disease Isn't Just About Movement

My father, Clyde Hill, 78, is a retired farmer and construction business owner who spent his life working on land improvement projects. 

However, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it was up to me to build a new way of life for my father. 

Since my grandfather was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I knew what was coming when my father’s movements became very rigid and he would freeze up when walking. These were the same initial symptoms that my grandfather experienced when he was diagnosed with the disease. 

As my father’s symptoms progressed, my family and I and sought out a neurologist who confirmed the diagnosis in 1992. 

Two years ago, my brothers and I started to see a big change in our father’s demeanor. Often in the evening or sundown, he became convinced that the CIA and/or drug dealers were going to hurt him and were inside his house, causing him to become agitated, combative and paranoid. One time when I attempted to reassure him that there were no bad guys in the house and he was safe, he even asked if I was in on “their” plan to hurt him.