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Shannon Burns, Community Manager at TJ

Shannon Burns, Community Manager at TJ

We are in the business of supporting men in a myriad of ways.

Tommy John CEO Tom Patterson says it best, "Our credo has always been to make men of substance feel comfortable to be their true selves, and that means being confident enough to talk about their own bodies without embarrassment. If we can initially break the ice in a manner that’s both fun and provocative, we’ll eventually break the silence around the subject.”

Throughout the month, Tommy John will also be donating a portion of their sales from their special edition TCF boxer briefs to help fund cancer research and care.

Testicular Cancer: Nip It In the Balls

Did you know that one male is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour? 

April is Testicular Awareness Month, and throughout the month, organizations like ours are working in partnership with the Testicular Cancer Foundation (TCF) to bring attention to a disease that is rarely discussed.