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Theresa Brawner

Theresa Brawner

Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for in her free time. When she isn't helping new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen, working on new recipes.
Why Sleep Is More Important than Exercise or Diet

Few people exist in this world who dislike sleeping. For the unusual portion, their reason for the distaste is that it’s a waste of time. 

The truth is that couldn’t be more wrong, seeing that sleep is one of the most important foundations of a healthy life... something most of us aren’t aware of, because we take it for granted. 

For those who experience sleep issues, getting a good night’s rest is a blessing. This attitude is how we should see it, as being rested allows us to function normally in our everyday lives. 

For every aspect of your health, from hormone regulation to staying fit, sleep is vital. 

Here are some more reasons why you should do your best to sleep well (and enough) every night.
Top 3 Post-Workout Meals for Vegans

There are many misconceptions about vegans having a hard time balancing their diet to get enough protein and energy while working out, when in fact, proper fuel isn't that difficult to manage at all. 

Sure, you need a bit more knowledge about what to eat, so that you’re able to ingest all the nutrients you need, but exercising regularly and being a vegan is quite possible and it’s getting easier with every passing day.

With more and more people opting for a plant-based nutrition regime, there are also more and more vegan food options that will keep you full, healthy and energized. 

The post-workout period is important for boosting your metabolism with the right choice of food.

If you’re still uncertain where you stand with balancing your workout regimen and diet, don’t fret. 

Here are the best ingredients to incorporate into your post-workout meals.