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Ann L. Edmunds, MD, PharmD

Ann L. Edmunds, MD, PharmD

Ann L. Edmunds, MD, PharmD, is an otolaryngologist in private practice at Omaha Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. She has been a member or chair of several committees at the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and is currently active in educational programs through both primary care providers and patients.

Dr. Edmunds participates in clinical trials for the development of various ENT products and is a consultant to Otonomy, makers of a treatment for pediatric patients needing ear tubes for OME.
A Primer on Ear Tube Surgery: What to Expect Before, During & After

Parents of children with frequent ear infections are familiar with the routine: sleepless nights and frequent visits to the doctor’s office, often accompanied by rounds of oral antibiotics. 

For some, the doctor will recommend ear tube placement surgery, which can bring a sense of relief, especially if they have already had a child who underwent tube placement. 

For others, although they are excited about the idea of something that can reduce the number of ear infections in their child, this can be a stressful time as well. 

Five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday. These infections can be quite painful, but fortunately for most children, this doesn’t become a chronic problem. 

When ear infections or fluid in the middle ear become chronic problems (which may lead to hearing loss, speech problems, behavior problems, or difficulty in school), placement of ear tubes by an otolaryngologist may be considered as a treatment option.