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Judy Klein, President of UNITY Consortium

Judy Klein, President of UNITY Consortium

Judy Klein is the President of UNITY Consortium, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that brings together diverse groups that share a common and passionate interest in adolescent and young adult health with a focus on prevention and immunization. The organization's members represent public and private organizations, industry, academia, healthcare providers, retailers, and advocacy groups. As one strong voice, Unity Consortium addresses the unique challenges surrounding adolescent and young adult health, prevention and immunization.
Do You Know Which Vaccines Teens Need?

According to a new survey conducted by the Unity Consortium, 92 percent of parents and 88 percent of teens surveyed believe it is important for all teens to be vaccinated, but the stark reality is that vaccination rates are lower than where they should be. 

For instance, less than 50 percent of male teens and 65 percent of female teens have received the first dose of the HPV vaccine series, despite it preventing certain types of cancer. 

Unfortunately, the survey showed that both parents’ and teens’ attitude towards preventive health and vaccines could impede them taking action to improve their future health prospects.