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Debby Bitticks

Debby Bitticks

As Founder and CEO of several companies, Debby Bitticks has had extensive experience in the world of business and was presented with The Blue Chip Enterprise Award given by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Employing hundreds of people, she has operated multi-site child care centers, developed elder day care programs, and created innovative intergenerational curriculum. Debby also co-authored The Elder Care Review: A Guide for Quality Control, and spoke at the annual meeting of The National Council on the Aging in Washington D.C.

Debby has co-authored the BioBinder™ series including Cherished Memories - The Story of My Life, Time Efficiency Makeover, and the Senior Organizer. She has also co-authored a book in the Life Lessons series with Chicken Soup for the Soul authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen: Life Lessons for Busy Moms – 7 Essential Ingredients to Organize and Balance Your World. Both Time Efficiency Makeover and The Senior Organizer have been published in paperback by Health Communications Inc.

Debby has co-written and produced an award-winning documentary Saving Our Parents, and has written and hosted a PBS television pledge special. Debby has appeared on CBS Morning News, ABC, NBC, FOX, QVC, CNN Financial News as well as other cable shows, and has given numerous national radio interviews.

Debby is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the National Council on the Aging (NCOA) and is CEO and President of Vital Options International, a cancer communications, support and advocacy organization.
How to Avoid Burnout When Caring for Your Special Needs Child

Parenting is challenging, but parenting a child with special needs brings the experience to a whole new level that no one can really understand until they live it. 

From one day to the next, parents with special needs children can never really predict what the next day will bring. Will it require another trip to the doctor for another unforeseen and confusing medical issue? Will a certain behavior become so unmanageable that it impedes the ability for the child to get to school that day? Will you be on the phone with the school again for another challenging issue to sort through? 

Even with all the challenges our special needs children present, we love and care about them deeply, but how do we as parents keep a positive outlook and not succumb to burning out?