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Michelle Bermani, EdD

Michelle Bermani, EdD

Michelle Bermani, EdD, is a director at Brookville Center for Children’s Services. Brookville's mission is to provide comprehensive services to children with an emphasis on assisting families in understanding their child’s strengths and areas of need.
Holiday Survival Tips for Parents of Special Needs Children

In theory, the holidays are a time to relax and celebrate. 

In reality, the holidays can be a busy time of planning, budgeting and managing complicated family dynamics — factor in the unique challenges that come with being the parent of a special needs child and you might have a recipe for even more seasonal stress. 

I’ve been there and this doesn’t need to happen. A little prep work ahead of time with your special needs child can help reduce frustration, tantrums and emotional overdrive, as well as manage expectations of well-meaning family members.