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Amy Frias

Amy Frias

Amy Frias is a community educator at CHOC Children’s, a pediatric health care community in Orange County, Calif., and coordinator of Safe Kids Orange County.
Keeping Kids Safe as They Walk to School

Soon, sidewalks nationwide will be dotted with the familiar sight of children and their backpacks navigating their way to school in the early morning hours.

Allowing a child to walk to school alone can be a healthy option for both parents and their children. It teaches children independence and responsibility, and provides an opportunity for physical activity. 

That said, safety is critical when it comes to heading to school or anywhere on foot. After all, unintentional pedestrian injuries are the fifth-leading cause of injury-related death in the United States for children ages 5 to 19. Every day, 44 children are hit by cars while walking in the United States.

So, before your children sling on their backpacks and head out to door, introduce them to the “rules of the road.”