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Aaron Alstrom, President of Healthcare Pros, Inc.

Aaron Alstrom, President of Healthcare Pros, Inc.

HealthCare Pros is a Nurse staffing and management company with 25 years of industry-specific knowledge, experience, and care. The company prides itself on delivering exceptional service and producing positive results for its clients.
7 Tips for Caring for Elderly Patients

Travel nurses work with people from all walks of life and all ages as well. While some nurses stick to their specialties (like pediatric nurses), others work with young adults to the elderly. 

Within this group, nurses may find it a little difficult to care for elderly patients for a number of different reasons. They may have trouble speaking or articulating themselves, they may have unique health issues that take longer to diagnose and care for, or they may have hearing loss, impaired vision, or even memory issues due to dementia or Alzheimer's disease. 

What's more, elderly patients are often subject to more sensitive topics such as end-of-life care, which can lead to delicate conversations or assumptions about a patient's abilities that can result in hurt feelings, fear, and other negative scenarios.