Michael Roizen, MD

Michael Roizen, MD

Dr. Mike is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and co-founder of the well-known RealAge.com website, along with Dr. Mehmet Oz. He is chief wellness officer and chair of the Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic and health expert on Oprah.

Dr. Mike hosts the popular YOU The Owner's Manual Radio Show here on RadioMD.com, and on radio stations nationwide.

You can also visit his latest partnership with Dr. Oz at YOUBeauty.com.
Did You Know? You Probably Underestimate Calories When Eating Out

Did You Know? You Probably Underestimate Calories When Eating Out

Sunday, 09 June 2013 22:03

Recently on the YOU The Owner’s Manual Radio Show, we featured a top medical story about how to prevent 80% of chronic disease. It related to food choices and portion size.

Wait! Don’t stop reading!

It really does get more interesting, because if each of us paid as much attention to restaurant menus as some my friends do to NBA scoring, we could save 600 billion a year at least. A year!

That would make North America as competitive for jobs as for energy independence. You’d be patriotic. And we are being helped. Most fast food restaurants have added an additional column of numbers on their menus. The new column contains the calorie content of the food items. However, apparently not too many people have taken an interest in the new information provided to help Americans get healthier.

A new study published in May 2013 highlights the ineffective attempt to encourage people to moderate calories. Nearly 2/3 of adults, adolescent, and school age children underestimated the number of calories in their fast food meal....and not by a little.
Why Red Meat & Carnitine May Kill YOU

Why Red Meat & Carnitine May Kill YOU

Sunday, 21 April 2013 22:28

From a recent behind-the-scenes discussion about red meat on YOU The Owner’s Manual Radio Show:

I said "It’s changing your microbiome." "Your What?" she said. "Your Microbiome, or the bacteria inside you." "Ugh" she said "That’s disgusting." "Maybe" I said, "but there may be something you could take or just avoiding it that could give you more energy for many years, as well as keep you healthy, and that’s invigorating."

You see, on a recent radio show, a guest with great expertise in this area, Adam Bernstein, MD,SciD, reviewed the hazards of eating red meat - and, yes, pork and bacon are red meats - a 20% increase in risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes for every 4 ounce portion you have a week. That is a doubling of risk for 5 servings (or one big portion, if you eat big at a place like Morton’s or The Heart Attack Grill. Yes, there is such a place).  

Yes, you are literally committing suicide by eating red meat.
The Best Job Creation Program is also the Best Tax reduction Program, and Ohio is Proving it in Reverse

The Best Job Creation Program is also the Best Tax reduction Program, and Ohio is Proving it in Reverse

Sunday, 07 April 2013 03:19

But even Ohio, like you, gets a do-over.

Let’s see if Governor Kasich really cares about jobs for Ohio, and tax reduction for its citizens and businesses.

The largest cost increase that is causing the largest need for increased taxes in Ohio, is the removal by prior Governor Strickland of the 40 million for tobacco prevention in Ohio. I live in Ohio and work at the Cleveland Clinic, so I really care about Ohio. 

Since this move, Ohio spends less for tobacco prevention than any other state.

The Result? We have gone from 20.2 % smoking rate for adults in our state in 2009 (similar to the national average) to 25.4% now, while the rest of the USA has fallen to 19.2%  (CDC data from every two year surveys). 

Each smoker costs about $2000 more per year in direct medical costs.
Roizen Rule for a Younger YOU... Don’t Take That Receipt Unless YOU Absolutely Need It

Roizen Rule for a Younger YOU... Don’t Take That Receipt Unless YOU Absolutely Need It

Thursday, 04 April 2013 03:09

We’ve talked frequently on YOU The Owner's Manual Radio Show about the feminization of male tadpoles when exposed to ponds with plastic bottles made with BPA.  

BPA is a plasticizer common in baby bottles in the plastic baby bottle era of 1970 to 2008, and is common in thermal receipts.  

It acts to disrupt testosterone function and maybe to mimic estrogen. Those changes are thought to be very powerful: it appears male infants function with certain brain structures more like females - more of the FOX2 protein, which leads to more chatter (I kid you not) when the mom has a high blood level of BPA during pregnancy.  And more asthma in such children too.

Now something even more serious.

Exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) and it’s cousin BPS in the womb or as an infant increases the risk of childhood learning disorders, by changing the function of a gene important to learning in kids (and even us adults.)

These genes produce a protein that gets chloride out of cells. Not enough chloride out, poor development of connections, which means poor learning.

Small amounts of BPA and BPS seem to interfere with brain development by blocking these genes.

Even worse, maybe this endocrine disruptor is responsible for some of the substantial increase in autism in the last two decades.
The Forbes Gang on Fox Knows Nothing (about Medical Costs)

The Forbes Gang on Fox Knows Nothing (about Medical Costs)

Monday, 18 March 2013 17:19
I exercise every Saturday morning listening to the Fox News business block to catch up on all the stuff I miss in news that will effect the health of our nation’s economy.  

I know so little, that I think they are “gods of finance”. But when they talked about medical costs recently, they knew so little and had their facts so confused, that I thought they must be shills for that true, but unrelated to the real problem, 16 page piece on medical costs in Time Magazine.

How could the Forbes and Fox gangs have it as wrong as Time did, when their own newspaper (Murdock run, like Fox) pointed out the folly of the Time piece?  The Forbes gang just didn’t give it to you straight on this topic…and it makes me wonder …should I stop watching them on Saturday mornings? Maybe just watch the recorded Oz shows, instead?

Let's get it straight.
Seas of Deception: Buying Healthy Fish

Seas of Deception: Buying Healthy Fish

Monday, 11 March 2013 16:18

There are three new headlines (and the rest of the stories we tweeted about in the most recent YOU The Owner’s Manual Radio Show), that juxtaposed perfectly with our most recent great guest, who is the author of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook.  

The headlines I'm talking about are:

1. Alzheimer's fastest-growing health threat in USA, report says
2. Mediterranean Diet can prevent over 30% of  strokes (brain loss) in already optimally managed patients
3. Survey Finds That Fish Are Often Mislabeled

The synergy here is interesting.
Trying To Get Pregnant? Pick A Partner Who Isn't Sweet Smelling

Trying To Get Pregnant? Pick A Partner Who Isn't Sweet Smelling

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 16:54

Let's say you or a friend of yours is trying to get pregnant - after all it is fun and patriotic (more on that below).

Let me give you some hints on how to make this happen:

1. Exercise with your partner
2. Pick a partner that doesn't watch TV sitting
3. Avoid Frenchmen or those who use aftershave (and men, you'll want to avoid women who have this chemical in their cosmetics or perfume)

Yes, three new research studies came out - that we talked about on YOU The Owner's Manual Radio Show (you do listen live or at least on podcast...live 5-7 pm every Saturday; podcast anytime at RadioMD.com - on each show we cover the most important medical stories of the week, and what they mean for you).

In the first, couples who exercise together regularly report better and more frequent sex. You may not like to see sweat on treadmills, or on public speakers, but you apparently get turned on by it, and want to see it on your honey, even if you don't think so.

Exercise stimulates the production of make-you-happy brain chemicals, and increases your libido and your feelings of arousal. (Even I get aroused watching my Nancy exercise.)
The Love Hormone & Sports: How to Be Better in Bed & on the Field

The Love Hormone & Sports: How to Be Better in Bed & on the Field

Thursday, 20 December 2012 22:00
Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, and Mike Bibby. What do these NBA stars all have in common, besides the fact that they are all guards?

You guessed it - according to their Nike advertisements, it's their love for the game of basketball - they love it irrationally and unconditionally - meaning independently of other benefits.

As an enthusiastic spectator of many sports and player of one or two (I captained the US squash team in its inaugaural foray into the Pan American games), I enjoy seeing the dedication of athletes and am always amazed by the sweat and tears left on the court and in the stands afterwards. So, why do fans get so wrapped up in the team's performance?

We talked about the science of this on the YOU The Owner's Manual Radio Show during the 11-24-2012 program...but here's the summary: What fuels an athlete to give 110% effort is more than making bank, or being famous. The fame and cash flow aren't too shabby for many of the professionals, but we all know that money can't always buy happiness.

Whether athletes are playing under the spotlight or at the neighborhood courts, sports competitions trigger the release of something much deeper to humans - oxytocin, the love or cuddle hormone that's released by couples in love and by mom's in tremendous amounts during early bonding with their newborns.
5 Normals: Why The Cleveland Clinic Pays It’s Employees to Get ‘Em And Why ObamaCare Should Consider Doing So

5 Normals: Why The Cleveland Clinic Pays It’s Employees to Get ‘Em And Why ObamaCare Should Consider Doing So

Friday, 23 November 2012 16:41
I often say on the show: YOU get a Do-Over and YOU can achieve 5 normals. And if you did you'd live 30% longer and with 30% less disability than the usual North American. And if 70% of us did it, we could pay you a 2000 rebate each year and we'd not have a budget deficit or a problem competing for jobs.

Let me tell you the background, our healthcare costs are twice developed Europe's and four times those of Mexico, China, India and Japan only because we have twice the chronic disease of Europe and four times that of MCIJ. Your choices, not your genes cause that. Almost our entire deficit (actually it is our entire deficit but that seems outrageous, but is actual) is caused by our lifestyle choices and their effect on Medicare, Caid, Federal and State direct healthcare costs (for employees, retirees etc).
Arsenic in Rice

Arsenic in Rice

Thursday, 25 October 2012 14:25
Dr. Oz broke the story that arsenic was contaminating our apple juice. And despite heavy criticism at the time from many in the news media and even from the FDA official spokeperson, Dr. Oz’s medical unit data was proven correct, and the juice companies are reforming.

Now another food that is contaminated with arsenic.

On average, a typical North American Adult (USA and Canada data) consumes 25 pounds of rice per year—that’s a lot of rice! Rice is a staple grain in the American diet that is typically touted for being healthy. Recently, however, rice has been under the microscope for possibly being toxic. Shocking headlines released in recent news highlighted new data on arsenic levels in rice, causing all of us to question—is the grain safe to eat?

Reports on the matter provided conflicting messages. Some suggested consumers temporarily stop eating rice while others recommended limiting daily portions. Which is best for YOUR health? This blog should help you answer these questions for you and your family.
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