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Arsenic in Rice

Arsenic in Rice

Written by Michael Roizen, MD
on Thursday, 25 October 2012
Dr. Oz broke the story that arsenic was contaminating our apple juice. And despite heavy criticism at the time from many in the news media and even from the FDA official spokeperson, Dr. Oz’s medical unit data was proven correct, and the juice companies are reforming.

Now another food that is contaminated with arsenic.

On average, a typical North American Adult (USA and Canada data) consumes 25 pounds of rice per year—that’s a lot of rice! Rice is a staple grain in the American diet that is typically touted for being healthy. Recently, however, rice has been under the microscope for possibly being toxic. Shocking headlines released in recent news highlighted new data on arsenic levels in rice, causing all of us to question—is the grain safe to eat?

Reports on the matter provided conflicting messages. Some suggested consumers temporarily stop eating rice while others recommended limiting daily portions. Which is best for YOUR health? This blog should help you answer these questions for you and your family.
Your Healthier Life & RadioMD

Your Healthier Life & RadioMD

Written by Melanie Cole, MS
on Saturday, 22 September 2012
Hi there!

My name is Melanie Cole and I am an Exercise Physiologist, personal trainer, wife, and mother of 2 wonderful kids. I've been in the health field for 25 years, and I'm delighted to host a number of shows here on your RadioMD. We do a wonderful show for the American Academy of Pediatrics called Healthy Children. And parents? Listen up. Each week, I interview some of the world's very best pediatricians.

It's such a great opportunity for all of us parents to get free advice on everything from sore throats and ear infections, to childhood milestones and behavior issues, and everything in between. I 'm constantly learning from these world-class doctors, and I hope you'll join me as we explore new and practical ways to encourage our kids to be healthier and happier.
Welcome to RadioMD

Welcome to RadioMD

Written by Elle Sanders
on Thursday, 13 September 2012

Welcome to RadioMD! We're so glad you're here.

My name is Elle, and I'm the Communications Director here at RadioMD. Mostly what that means, is I have the completely excellent job of listening to you. I love it! It's the best part of my day, and whether it's here, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, in the comments on the different health segments and recipes, or via email - my job is to make sure we're getting you the information and expert advice you need.

RadioMD is not only a new website, it's also a whole new health that's dedicated to helping you live a healthier, more satisfied, and all around happier life. We have a great team of health experts and technical professionals who are working hard every day to bring you the latest, most up-to-date healthy living information.

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