The Cheese Trap: Break the Addiction to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Get Healthy

The Cheese Trap: Break the Addiction to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Get Healthy

Written by Neal Barnard, MD
on Monday, 23 January 2017

Have you ever watched a baby nurse? It’s amazing to watch a cranky, tense, hungry infant instantly slip into a relaxed, sleepy, almost drunken state. 

We sometimes attribute this familiar scene to the beauty of the mother-baby bond. 

But, the truth is, in a benign and loving way, mother’s milk really does deliver a mild drug-like compound to the baby. 

Drug-like compounds in milk? It’s true. Think about it this way: if a baby, a calf, or any other mammal didn’t want to nurse, the survival of the species would be in trouble. So, nature devised these compounds to reward babies for nursing. 
7 Strategies to Curb Cravings, Practice Mindful Eating & Lose Weight for Good

7 Strategies to Curb Cravings, Practice Mindful Eating & Lose Weight for Good

Written by Rovenia M. Brock, PhD
on Friday, 13 January 2017

America, we have a problem. More than two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. The statistics are staggering, but they shouldn't lead us to believe the problem is insurmountable. In fact, it's not, and there's plenty of proof. More than a half-million people have lost over 50 million pounds by learning to conquer their food cravings that have little to do with physical hunger.

Because our food choices are mostly driven by emotional rather than physical hunger, we eat to satisfy some kind of longing. It's critical that we redirect our emotional eating.

Every time you're at a decision point with food -- which, by the way, happens over 200 times a day for most Americans -- stop and take a few breaths. Ask yourself: What is the best choice for the body I want?

Beat the defeat of unhealthy eating habits and get back to your optimal weight by using these seven strategies that work.
Cold Weather Exercise: Surviving the Elements

Cold Weather Exercise: Surviving the Elements

Written by John Gallucci, Jr., MS, ATC, DPT
on Wednesday, 11 January 2017

As the temperatures continue to drop outside, we find ourselves cooped up indoors, whether that be at home, at work or at the gym hiding from the painfully cold, wet weather. 

As the itch kicks in to get outdoors and get some fresh air, follow the tips below for soothing those cold, wet weather aches and pains during the long winter months.
6 Essential Strategies to Recapture Your Power When Life Has Veered Off Course

6 Essential Strategies to Recapture Your Power When Life Has Veered Off Course

Written by Briana Borten & Dr. Peter Borten
on Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Do you often feel that your life has spun out of control? Would you describe your day-to-day life as empowered and purposeful, or a harrowing rollercoaster ride of drops and turns that have you holding on for dear life?

Most people whose lives have swung off course can't fathom how to get them back under control. They can't see the way out of an unhealthy job, relationship, or poor self-image. But, be assured, it is within every person's power to take back control and find more tranquility and satisfaction from life. In fact, research shows that seeking engagement and meaning correlates with life satisfaction.

Finding a way to engage in what brings you joy and meaning comes from learning to embrace three fundamental principles: sweetness, structure, and space. They can take you from an overwhelmed, passive lifestyle to an empowered, fully engaged life.
Cancer Moonshot Initiative: Year One in Review

Cancer Moonshot Initiative: Year One in Review

Written by Sarah Wallace, Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center
on Friday, 30 December 2016

Close to a year ago, President Obama was giving his final State of the Union address. In this address, he announced that Vice President Joe Biden would be leading an initiative to cure cancer. “For the loved ones we’ve all lost, for the families that we can still save...let’s make America the country that cures cancer once and for all,” exclaimed President Obama.

This was a very bold statement; one that also strikes very close to home for VP Biden. In May 2015 he lost his son, Beau Biden, to brain cancer.

With this personal understanding of how traumatic cancer can be, Biden head lead the way for the last year to make sure the Cancer Moonshot is an initiative that truly changes the way we view and deal with cancer.

So what has actually changed over the last year? What is the outlook going forward? How are those battling rare cancers being affected?
My "Dear John" Letter to 2016

My "Dear John" Letter to 2016

Written by Sylvia Anderson
on Friday, 30 December 2016

Dear 2016, 

What these letters usually say is, "It's not you, it's me," but that would be lying. 2016, it was you who damaged our relationship, with all the tragedy and angst. 

You took Bowie and Prince, George Michael, Merle Haggard. 
Each one's passing left us torn and tattered.

You forced us to bid goodbye to John Glenn and Glenn Frey. 
You took Alans Rickman and Thicke without batting an eye.

Pat Summitt, Craig Sager, John Saunders, Gwen Ifill... 
Without the curse of disease, you'd all be with us still.

Doris Roberts, Gene Wilder, Gary Shandling, Gary Marshall,
Your absence has swung us from cheerful to tearful.
Wearables in Healthcare: Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Wearables in Healthcare: Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Written by Dr. Jan Szatkowski
on Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Many of my patients ask me if they should get a new smart watch or other type of fitness tracker for themselves or a loved one this holiday season. 

I get excited to discuss these products with my patients, but caution them that no device by itself will make you healthier. 

Staying fit requires discipline, hard-work, and patience. Nonetheless, I think these devices are a helpful tool in our fitness and wellness endeavors.
Say Ahhh: What Your Tongue is Telling You About Your Dental Health

Say Ahhh: What Your Tongue is Telling You About Your Dental Health

Written by Mike Plambeck
on Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Your tongue is unique to you, and you may be surprised to know that you can tell a lot about your health by looking at it. 

Head to the mirror and stick your tongue out. If you’re healthy, your tongue should be an even pink color and you should be able to see tiny bumps over the surface. These bumps are called papillae. There are four different types of papillae on the tongue.

Filiform papillae: This type covers most of the front of your tongue. Unlike the other papillae, they do not contain taste buds, but give your tongue its slightly abrasive surface.

Fungiform papillae: Found on the upper surface, the tip and sides of your tongue, these papillae have the ability to discern five tastes: bitter, sweet, sour, salty and umami.

Foliate papillae: These are found on the sides of your tongue in short vertical folds. They contain many taste buds.

Circumvallate papillae: Found at the back of your tongue, circumvallate papillae also contain taste buds.

What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Your tongue is made up of a group of muscles, which you use all the time for speaking, eating, and swallowing. If you are having a problem with it, it can be very uncomfortable. Your dentist can tell a lot about your health by the condition of your tongue, from whether you drink a lot of soda to whether you have an eating disorder. 

Keep reading for a rundown on what the appearance of your tongue can tell you about your health.
Are You Responsible for Your Own Wrinkles & Lines?

Are You Responsible for Your Own Wrinkles & Lines?

Written by John Zannis, MD
on Monday, 12 December 2016
Many aspects of facial and body aging are inevitable and a fact of life.

However, there are daily habits, motions and actions that we do that unnecessarily accelerate the aging process.

While we are very fortunate to have so many non invasive advances in plastic surgery, many of them would not be necessary at younger ages if we negated some of the behaviors that cause wrinkles to appear prematurely. 

Dr. John Zannis, North Carolina board Certified Plastic Surgeon, breaks down some of these “off limits” behaviors.
Foods that Harm Your Gut & Halt Weight Loss Goals

Foods that Harm Your Gut & Halt Weight Loss Goals

Written by Raphael Kellman, MD
on Friday, 02 December 2016

The true key to weight loss may not be what you think it is. 

It doesn’t require following a fad diet, eating like a caveman, or spending hours at the gym. In fact, the secret is locked deep inside each of us… waiting to be tapped into for health, vibrancy and yes, weight loss.

I am talking about the trillions of bacteria in the intestine making up the gut microbiome. This rich community of microbes is intricately connected to all aspects of health including GI function, digestion, brain health, metabolism, immunity and cellular communication. When they are healthy, so are we. But, if the microbiome is suffering, our own health is diminished, inflammation soars and weight gain ensues.
Mama Never Said There’d Be Days Like This: 9 Eye-Opening Facts

Mama Never Said There’d Be Days Like This: 9 Eye-Opening Facts

Written by Lauren Streicher, MD
on Thursday, 10 November 2016

Remember that “birds and bees” conversation you had with your mom? 

Well, there are a few things she may have left out. Which is why women of all ages often find themselves asking, “Why didn’t my mama say there’d be days like this?” 

Thankfully, Dr. Lauren Streicher, clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s medical school and author of Sex RX: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever, has some answers. 

Here she shares nine not-so-fun sex facts that your mother probably should’ve warned you about… plus a few modern-day fixes.
Holiday Feast “Un-Confusion”: Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Holiday Feast “Un-Confusion”: Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Written by Svetlana Kogan, MD
on Tuesday, 08 November 2016

Every time the holidays come around, the hopeful eyes and ears of millions of people tune into the ocean of what media tells them to eat in order to avoid gaining weight.

Depending on the tips they have learned, folks start counting calories, restricting certain food groups, measuring out portions, or, what’s even worse, avoiding the holiday parties altogether.

In this article I propose to open up your minds to a paradigm shift: what if you abandon the holiday food vigilance and the New Year’s resolution?

Instead, what if you focus on your living before and after the holidays?
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