Kirk Brandow, MD

Kirk Brandow, MD

Dr. Kirk Brandow is a board certified plastic surgeon with practices in the Philadelphia metro area. Named a “Top Doc” in Plastic Surgery by Philadelphia Magazine as well as nationally recognized for one of America’s “Best Plastic Surgeons” of this decade, Dr. Brandow is a trusted expert who has developed many innovative, minimally invasive procedures for the face, body and skin. These procedures include the Boomer Lift™, the 48 Hour Facelift™, the Scarless Breast Implant, the Multilayered Micro-Lipo Augmentation, the Tumescent Technique for Liposuction and the CO2 Laser Blepharoplasty.

He has been featured on local, national and international television programs including 20/20, CNN’s Headline News, Good Morning America, ABC Action News, TV Globo and Telemundo to provide updates and opinions on the latest trends in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Brandow where he has spoken out on the controversial issues of cosmetic surgery, advising viewers to take a more responsible and more realistic approach to the latest fads and gimmicks in Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Brandow served as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery as well as a preceptor for many live surgical training conferences where he helped teach other doctors advanced techniques in Cosmetic Surgery.
Stretch Mark Solutions: What Can Be Done Safely?

Women of all ages, regardless of height, weight, or parental status, are susceptible to stretch marks. This is a simple fact.

Another fact, which will hopefully make you feel a bit better, is that supermodels (yes, the bikini models you see in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret advertisements) also have stretch marks.

If you’re like the 95% of women out there, you prefer them gone. 

Dr. Kirk Brandow, founder and director of the Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery who has appeared on national programs such as Good Morning America and 20/20, offers insights on cosmetic surgery and shares the real deal on stretch mark solutions with several facts on popular procedures and topical options to prevent and remove stretch marks. 

Here’s what he has to say...
Cosmetic Surgery Hype: Which Procedures Are Zeroes, Not Heroes?

The name of the game today in cosmetic surgery is fast and non-invasive. 

The reasons are obvious. Nobody wants to be bedridden out of work and off the social grid as they recover. Fast results of a thinner, tighter, younger look within an hour is very alluring. 

How many of these seemingly miracle procedures actually do what they claim to? 

Board certified Philadelphia plastic surgeon, Dr. Kirk Brandow, breaks down cosmetic surgery hype; which procedures are zeros not heroes.