John Newport, PhD

John Newport, PhD

John Newport is an author, speaker, commentator and outspoken advocate for health care reform.  

He holds doctorates in health services and psychology, with a background spanning 50 years in healthcare policy analysis, health services administration and wellness advocacy.

As an author, he has published four books, including the bestselling Wellness-Recovery Connection, and over 300 articles and opinions focusing on health care issues, addictions and wellness promotion.  

He is currently a featured columnist for Counselor: The Magazine for Addictions Professionals, and a frequent contributor to TV and radio newscasts and print media throughout the country.
Healthcare Reform: A Changing Ballgame

The GOP alternative to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), dubbed the American Healthcare Act, was hastily crafted and doomed to failure from the start. 

Tweaking the initial draft withdrawn from the House floor in mid-March due to lack of sufficient support, Trump and his cronies strong-armed Republicans in Congress to garner a narrow margin of 217 to 213 when the bill passed the House on May 4. 

Rather than devoting the time and effort necessary to achieve consensus on a sound proposal that would benefit all Americans, Trump was driven by an overriding obsession to replace Obamacare within his first 100 days, come hell or high water. 

A reckless gamble, and a pyrrhic victory at best.