Faith Collins

Faith Collins

Faith Collins is a parenting coach, public speaker and classroom teacher dedicated to supporting relationships with the young children in our lives.

Her new book, Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers: Create a Life that You and Your Child Both Love (Hohm Press, Oct. 1, 2017) guides parents in forming mutually responsive parent-toddler relationships.

She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and young daughter, where she runs outdoor parent-child classes in her Play Garden, and is Co-Director of the Rocky Mountain LifeWays Training.

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Effective Tips to Keep Your Cool During Meltdowns & Defiance

Connecting in a warm, loving way to your children when they act out takes tremendous patience. 

But, research shows that parents who have high levels of warmth and connection along with high expectations are the most likely to end up with happy, well-adjusted children. 

Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. In dealing with real children, in real life, it often seems like we have to choose: Do we maintain our connection, or do we enforce that boundary?

If you’re a parent who is committed to respectful parenting, how do you maintain those boundaries when your toddlers and preschool-aged children push back?