Rozzie Brilliant

Rozzie Brilliant

Rozzie Brilliant, an ovarian cancer survivor, whose mission is to save as many lives as possible through awareness. The first life she was able to save was that of her own daughter, who was encouraged to get tested based on family history.
The Emotional Toll an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis Brings & How to Overcome It Together as a Family

My cancer story begins after a long walk around my neighborhood in 2012 when I noticed I had terrible pain in my leg. 

Many doctors’ appointments and CT scans later, I learned that I had ovarian cancer. 

It took many appointments with many doctors to develop the treatment plan that was right for me. But, I was so lucky that I had a great relationship with my oncologist -- she made me feel so comfortable. 

After a few appointments, my doctor suggested genetic counseling. My daughter, son and I went to the appointment and tests revealed that I was indeed carrying the BRCA mutation which explained some family history of cancer. After reading up on ovarian cancer, I realized I had all of the symptoms. 

Not surprisingly, my daughter’s tests also came back positive for the BRCA mutation.