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4 Pillars of Longevity

Though there are thousands of studies available on human health, and a number of books that have been written, no one person has laid out the exact things that lead to a long and healthy life which are backed up by research.

Noted psychologist, Dr. Dennis Kravetz, joins Dr. Mike to discuss four pillars - consistently proven by research - to increase longevity.

These four pillars include physical activity, mental prowess, stable mood and proper nutrition.
4 Pillars of Longevity
Featured Speaker:
Dennis Kravetz is a psychologist, physical fitness buff, business consultant, and writer, whose lifelong passion has been to study and research how to extend the human lifespan and improve the quality of one's life with a healthy lifestyle. He is the author of eight books, most recently A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: Live Long, Live Healthy (KAP Books, 2013).