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Ask Dr. Mike: Carpet in Your Home & Proper Dosing of Folic Acid

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What's your opinion on carpet on your home? Should we remove it all?

Dr. Mike has mentioned how carpets can possibly affect your health in a negative way.

Many people believe that toxins are only found outside in the environment, and even though this is true, toxins can be found in your home as well. As the carpet ages, the chemicals that were used to manufacture the carpet begin to break up and are released into the air. Older carpet can also have mold, which can damage your health.

In Dr. Mike's opinion, if you're having allergy symptoms, you might need to remove your carpets. However, Dr. Mike doesn't believe removing carpet is for everyone.

Can you please tell me what might be a safe dose of folic acid for a healthy boy around 60 pounds? Are all the B vitamins necessary for folic acid to absorb? What are other amino acids that might help with ADHD and mild autism?

In this case, with your doctor's guidance for a healthy and safe dose, 1,000 micrograms is a good amount. Yes, vitamin B is necessary for folic acid to absorb. Dr. Mike suggests magnesium threonate, omega oils, and inositol.

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