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Health Spell: Hypnosis for a Better You

Hypnosis is a natural state for human beings.

We've all had the experience of driving and suddenly realize we passed our exit and have no idea where we are. Or, you're reading a book and realize you've turned three or four pages but haven't actually read anything.

Those are both examples of moments of hypnosis.

How can this natural state be employed to help people? Who can be hypnotized? How does it work? What conditions can it help treat?

Dr. Kathy Gruver, alternative medicine practitioner, joins Dr. Mike to discuss hypnosis, some common misconceptions and fears, and how to find a skilled hypnotist near you.
Health Spell: Hypnosis for a Better You
Featured Speaker:
kathy gruver Dr. Kathy Gruver is a multiple award-winning author of five books, including Conquer your Stress and her latest Journey of Healing. She has lectured around the world and is a frequent radio and TV guest having appeared on over 250 radio and TV shows. She has been featured as an expert in dozens of magazines and newspapers including Glamour, Fitness, Huffington Post, First for Women and WebMD. She maintains a full-time massage and hypnotherapy practice in Santa Barbara, CA, and for fun and stress relief does flying trapeze and hip-hop dance.