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How Self-Aware Are You?
Featured Speaker: Tasha Eurich, PhD  
How can you deal with a lack of self-awareness?
Retreats for the Broken Hearted
Featured Speaker: Amy Chan, Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp  
Retreat from the surroundings of a past relationship and work on healing your heart.
Apple & Pear Shapes: How Your Body Shape Affects Heart Risk
Featured Speaker: Jennifer Haythe, MD  
Reduce your risk for heart risk. Find out how body shape affects potential for heart disease and other inflammatory illnesses.
Empathy & Feeling Another's Pain
Featured Speaker: Cris Beam, Author  
Become more empathetic towards yourself and others.
Why Would You Go Home with Him? Dating as Dieting
Featured Speaker: Joanna Coles, Author  
Are you dating for love, or just bingeing on empty romantic calories?
Sleeping with Married Men
Featured Speaker: Karin Jones  
What is it like to engage in a relationship with a married man?
Skin Spring Cleaning
Featured Speaker: Jody Levine, MD  
Spring cleaning tips for your face.
Sexual Harassment
Featured Speaker: Kim Elsesser, PhD  
How can you interact with the opposite sex at work without worries about being harassed?
Dirty Skin: Fix Your Gut & Stop Scrubbing
Featured Speaker: Whitney Bowe, MD  
Don't scrub the healthy bacteria from your skin!
Make Your Own Luck
Featured Speaker: Janice Kaplan, Author  
You may be leaving opportunities on the table.
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