Balancing Act: Manage Your Weight on Vacation

Lisa Oldson, MD - Guest Bio
Lisa Oldson HeadshotLisa Oldson, MD, has been practicing internal medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago since 1998. She earned her BS at the University of Illinois, and her MD from Rush Medical College. She is board certified in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Oldson served on the Leadership Council and Joint Operations Leadership Committee of Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, a primary care multi-specialty group of 125 physicians and other providers and has served as the Medical Director of their Call Center.

Dr. Oldson served on the Medical Advisory Board for the Discovery Institute of Medical Education and is a former board member of the Illinois Science Council.

In 2009, Dr. Oldson was recruited by Analyte Health, and was later named their Medical Director. She strives to improve sexual health through education and a modern online approach to medical services.
  • Topic Info:It's true, it's easier to maintain your diet while you are at home and have a routine. 

    Most people say that when they travel their diet starts off fairly decent and then it turns into a total disaster, where all sense of control flies out the window. 

    And why shouldn't it? When you vacation you feel as though you should be able to "live it up." Plenty of reasons abound: you are with friends, you have lack of time (or desire) to exercise, and somehow just being away from the daily grind makes it OK to indulge in high calorie meals.
    Getting away on vacation can be a life-saver for some, especially if you're stressed to the max. But oftentimes this sense of freedom has a price: your waistline!

    Dr. Lisa Oldson, MD, shares a practical approach to vacation eating and strategies to stay healthy and still enjoy your yourself while traveling.
  • Host:Melanie Cole, MS