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Food for a Healthier Mind, Body & Soul

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: How can the right diet lead to stability in the mind?
Air Date: 6/24/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Mimi Kozma, International Food Connoisseur and Master Chef
Mimi KozmaMimi Kozma is a mother, wife, special education teacher and master home chef. Although Mimi is not a formally trained chef, her love of cooking can be traced back to her early days. Since childhood, she has had an appreciation for and experience with fresh ingredients and the food industry.

Her parents were once partners in a shrimp farm venture and they later owned three local restaurants. Mimi has fond memories of shopping with her mother at the local grocer, fish markets and Asian food market places.

During her youth she was exposed to her parent's fantastic cooking styles, other various global cuisines and the dynamics of commercial restaurants and kitchens. After high school, Mimi began to travel abroad and discovered more foods from around the world.

Through trial and error, she began experimenting with re-creating meals in her own kitchen. Sometimes a fresh ingredient inspired her to come up with an original recipe. Needless to say, Mimi's love of cooking runs deep and was what inspired her to create Food Hero. Aside from cooking, the other motivational factor for Food Hero comes from Mimi's desire to help people.

Throughout the years, Mimi has sought out and participated in civic organizations and charitable works. Despite this, Mimi wanted to find a way to help people in a way that was natural, gratifying, and in her words, "would make my heart sparkle." Through deep soul searching and with the help of her husband, John, Mimi met Mike Schwartz of Hometown Heroes.

Together Mimi and Mike are teaming up to find and surprise a deserving person or family in each episode of Food Hero. Mimi will prepare a tremendous rendition of this person or family's favorite meal and top it off with a reveal of something completely unexpected.
Food for a Healthier Mind, Body & Soul
Maintaining a balance of the mind, body, and soul is necessary to live a happy and fulfilled life.

The three are interconnected, and a weakness or imbalance in one of these aspects is crippling to the others.

For example, severe emotional stress of the mind can cause high blood pressure and other illnesses in an otherwise healthy body.

By the same token, a physical illness or injury can cause depression in a typically healthy mind.

One of the easiest ways to maintain physical health is through proper nutrition and regular exercise.

People who are able to make healthy diet and exercise choices tend to have more physical and mental energy, sleep better, and are often able to enjoy physical activity into old age.

Mimi Kozma, International Food Connoisseur and Master Chef, joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss which foods can be used for a healthier mind, body, and soul.