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Holiday Fitness Survival

The holidays can be a trap for diminished fitness and putting on a few extra pounds. What steps can you take to avoid this?
Guest: Rhonda Moore, certified personal trainer

Beauty Ingredient to Avoid: Hydroquinone

You may not have heard of hydroquinone, but it is probably in some of the beauty products you use every day. The problem is, it's very dangerous.

One Teen's Mission to Change Lives

Raul Garcia is not your typical 17-year-old. Learn what he is doing to influence and inspire people of all ages.
Guest: Raul Garcia

The Many Layers of Beautiful: Uncovering Your Path

Does "true beauty" really exist? It all depends on how you define it.
Guest: Regina Paige McKinney

How Negativity Sabotages Your Inner & Outer Beauty

Learn how to take those most negative inner thoughts about your self-image and beauty and turn them into power.
Guest: Margaret Lynch

Triple Threat: Beauty, Health & Outdoor Recreation

Learn how health, beauty and nature can all culminate to energize your mind, body and spirit. Even better? Learn how to do it safely.
Guest: Wayne Petrovich

Just Ask David: Your Beauty Questions Answered

Beauty expert David Pollock answers some frequently asked questions, covering makeup, skincare and more.

DIY Beauty Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Tune in for some wonderful do-it-yourself beauty gifts that are inexpensive and easy to make.

Take Care of Your Breasts: You’ve Only Got Two!

John Hopkins University graduate and two-time breast cancer survivor, Lillie Shockney, explains the importance of screening at an early age.
Guest: Lillie Shockney

Toxic Secrets Hiding in Your Bedroom

Learn all the dirty little secrets about your mattress and the big mistake you're keeping on your nightstand.
Guest: Ron and Lisa Beres

Disconnecting & Destressing to Benefit Your Mind & Body

You can improve your physical and mental well-being by connecting with nature - even if you're not the outdoors type.
Guest: Wayne Petrovich

Breast Cancer Affects ALL Ages

Many people think breast cancer only affects older women. That myth has been busted.
Guest: Kimmy McAtee

CureDiva: Empowering Answers for Breast Cancer

CureDiva helps women coping with breast cancer to better their lives with style.
Guest: Efrat Roman

Making the Shift: One Woman's Struggle to Lose Weight

Could a shift in mindset be the magic answer to losing weight for good?
Guest: Tory Johnson

Living with Psoriasis? You Don't Have To Anymore

Psoriasis sufferers: learn how one woman changed her life and how you can too.
Guest: Carly Milne, author & health advocate
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