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Getting Pregnant (or Not): Choices & Options

Are you interested in having a child or perhaps avoiding pregnancy? What are your best options for either?
Expert: Alyssa Dweck, MD

Memo to Medicine, Inc: Stop Wasting Doctors’ Time

Doctors go through a re-certification process. But is the "industry" of medicine asking too much of them?
Expert: Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD

Homeless Housing: Providing Solutions & Dignity to Those in Need

Well-made, quick to install modular housing can accelerate the process of getting people off the streets.
Expert: Stuart Emmons

Tuning-Up Patients: What Doctors Can Learn from Musicians

Doctors work hard to keep up with medical knowledge, but scant attention is paid to how this knowledge is dispensed day-to-day.
Expert: Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD

Should You Give Your Doctor a “Second Chance” with Your Body?

Patients fire doctors all the time, that’s nothing new. But why do patients “stick around” after a bad experience?
Expert: Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD

Doctor Shopping for an OB/GYN

Shopping for a doctor who is right for you can be a daunting task.
Expert: Alyssa Dweck, MD

Let's Put a Period on Your Menstruation Questions

Does your period feel more like a question mark?
Expert: Alyssa Dweck, MD

Train Your Brain to Hard Drive Your Memories

Your memories are a very concrete process. It's comparable to saving data onto a hard drive.
Expert: Azi Grysman, PhD

Finding the Strength to Survive Cancer

"No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending" - Maria Robinson.
Expert: Lesli Moore Dahlke, author

Palliative Care: More than Simply Hospice

Yes, palliative care does help people with life-threatening or terminal illnesses, but it isn't entirely ominous.
Expert: Theresa Brown, RN

A Forensic Pathologist Takes You Inside a Morgue

You see them on TV and in the movies all the time. But what's the secret story behind a real morgue?
Expert: Judith Melinek, MD & T.J. Mitchell

Switching Careers? How to Make it as Stress-Free as Possible

Nicholas Robbins shares his story of taking a leap of faith while finding a way to maintain his family life.
Expert: Nicholas Robbins, medical student

Breastfeeding in Public: How Does Race Play a Role?

The controversy over breastfeeding in public receives even more attention when involving African-American women.
Expert: Kimberly Seals Allers, Journalist

A New Nurse Faces Death, Life & Everything in Between

A former English professor, Nurse Theresa Brown, discusses how she followed her true calling: to help and comfort people truly in need.
Expert: Theresa Brown, RN

Why Insurance Companies Question Your Prescribed Medications

What happens when your doctor prescribes a medication for you and your insurance company tries to regulate the dosage or brand?
Expert: Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD
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