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Health, Wealth & Happiness: Do You Know AARP?

AARP is leading a revolution in the way people view and live life after 50, through social change advocacy and service.
Guest: Oregon State Director of AARP Jerry Cohen

Dark and Smelly? Fix Your Underarm Problems

Sweaty, smelly underarms getting you down? Try a PitiCure, the at-home treatment for your armpits.
Guest: Ellen Marmur, MD

Too Many Patients, Too Few Doctors: The Dilemma of the Affordable Care Act

It’s been called the perfect storm of American medicine: too few doctors available, so many patients needing care.
Guest: Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD

The Changing Face of American Healthcare for Low-Income Families

The crucial missing piece of the ACA, the Affordable Care Act, according to host Christopher Springmann, is health literacy.
Guest: Dr. Bill J. Wright, PhD

Life Reimagined: Your Health, Happiness & Longevity

At a point in your life where you're asking, "What's next?" Let Life Reimagined help you discover new possibilities.
Guest: Richard Leider

Living without Pain: Treatment Truths & Myths

The misconception that pain is a natural part of aging is a common myth that leaves millions of people suffering every day.
Guest: Dr. Donald Schumacher, PhD

Pain Patients: Unintended Victims of the War on Drugs?

The War on Drugs often claims unintended victims, including patients who need convenient, timely access to their pain medications.
Guest: Dr. Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA

Compassionate Caregiving for Elderly Parents

What will you remember about your parent's passing?
Guest: Katy Butler

The Gift of Sight: Your Window to Health

Comprehensive eye exams can spot health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, glaucoma and cataracts.
Guest: Dr. Linda Chous, OD

Hospice, Palliative Care & the American Way of Dying

When parents die other than a good death, their legacy of departing lasts a lifetime for the living; often with painful emotional and economic consequences.
Guest: Katy Butler

Chemotherapy Myths & Facts: Winning the Cancer Race

A connection between chemotherapy and drag racing... it's a comeback story you don't want to miss.
Guest: Jack Beckman

Stay Upbeat & Healthy: 7 Steps of Attitudinal Change

Your positive outlook influences whether or not you smoke, exercise, suffer depression, or develop high blood pressure.
Guest: Dr. Hilary Tindle, MD, MPH

How a Positive Outlook Can Transform Aging

Dr. Hilary Tindle, urges you to give positive psychology a chance for the sake of a longer, healthier, happier life,
Guest: Dr. Hilary Tindle, MD, MPH

The Emotional Burden & Challenge of Medical Practice

Doctors are always so professional... but do they cry? Oh, yes they do; especially in very dire situations.
Guest: Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD

What Doctors Feel: Medical Practice & Human Emotions

Dr. Danielle Ofri takes a look at the emotional side of medicine, including the shame, fear, anger, and even love that impacts patient care.
Guest: Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD
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