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Attachment Parenting: Are You Mom Enough?

From the show: Body Language
Gina Stepp
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Gina Stepp
SteppGina Stepp's educational background has focused on journalism and psychology, culminating in a master's degree in forensic psychology. As a freelance writer she gained experience in a variety of areas including academic, research and technical writing; corporate copywriting; and ghost writing. In 2002, Stepp began writing for the print edition of Vision, focusing on family and relationships issues. She has served as managing editor of the Web edition of Vision since 2008.
The term attachment parenting, usually associated with co-sleeping, baby-wearing and prolonged breast-feeding, is heard increasingly often these days.

Yet it isn't always well understood, even by those who support it. What is attachment, what does it have to do with parenting, and healthy family relationships?

Even TIME Magazine got into the act with a cover story, but very few readers could get beyond the shock-it-to-you cover photo of a 26 year old mom baring her soul and breast, as she nursed her almost four year old son, who was . . . quite attached.
  • Original Air Date Friday, 01 March 2013
  • Host Christopher Springmann

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