Your Personal History with Food

Guest : Mike Fenster, MD
Summary: You have a personal history with food, which may determine your current daily diet.
Air Date: 2/24/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Your Personal History with Food
You have a personal history with food.

You grew up eating certain foods, but your eating habits may have changed in adulthood.

Diagnosis of a chronic disease will also alter your diet, in order to preserve your health.

Genetics plays a large role in your predisposition to chronic disease. The evolution of the gut microbiome is a reflection of how our bodies have interacted with food throughout our ancestry. This helps determine what you eat.

There are also societal influences over your food choices. The recent nutritional guidelines have been influenced by political gamesmanship. The modern western diet over the past 50 years has been largely determined by the government. Our nation is plagued with obesity and chronic health disease that could have been prevented to a degree by a better diet.

The best options for filling your plate are to follow common sense, get your food facts from scientific research, and find tastes you enjoy.

Dr. Mike discusses your personal history with food.
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