The Diagnosis: Sweet Taxation

Guest : Mike Fenster, MD
Summary: Dr. Mike dishes on the implications and complications of taxing soft drinks.
Air Date: 6/22/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
The Diagnosis: Sweet Taxation
A sin tax is enacted to raise money and to decrease utilization of a certain product or activity.

The Philadelphia soda and sugary beverage tax is a sin tax. This levies a one penny per ounce excise tax on sodas and like beverages. Included are sweetened teas, sugar-added juices and energy drinks. The goal is to raise money and discourage use of these products.

While passed with the best intentions, it raises many questions about taxing sweetened drinks. How much added sugar is too much? What constitutes added sugar? Who makes the rules? Should natural sweeteners be taxed? How about sugar added by an individual to a cup of coffee?

Listen in as Dr. Mike dishes on the implications of taxing sugar.

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