The Diagnosis: Food Tinkering

Guest : Mike Fenster, MD
Summary: Dr. Mike dishes on how food modification robs produce of environmental flavors.
Air Date: 8/3/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
The Diagnosis: Food Tinkering
It’s the perfect time of year to fill your basket with produce. The colors are enticing.

But, are you getting the freshness you think?

That perfect tomato you find on the shelf may have been mechanically harvested. Was it bathed in sunshine or sunned with a grow light? Does it have a functional tomato taste, or does it hold the flavor of the soil where it was grown?

Engage in properly sourcing your foods like a chef by asking a few questions.

What is it? Is it what you think it is? Is the label telling the truth?

How was it raised? Take note of the genetic stock and how it was produced.

How was it harvested or processed? Not all living, fermented foods have active cultures inside.

How was it transported? Was it picked unripe and shipped thousands of miles? Is it from a town two hours away? The less distance the food has to travel, the tastier and fresher it will be.

Your food should be wholesome and authentic.

Listen in as Dr. Mike dishes on how to find the best food for your health and enjoyment.

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