Indian Cuisine: Healthy Spices

Summary: Why eat processed foods when you can create a simple, flavorful meals with the right spices?
Air Date: 9/6/17
Duration: 27:46
Host: Mike Fenster, MD
Guest Bio: May Fridel, Author
May FridelMay Abraham Fridel is a food literacy advocate, author, philanthropist, and the founder and CEO of the organic spice company Passion for Spices.

May educates both children and adults on healthy eating through food literacy programs. She grew up in the Indian state of Kerala, where the knowledge of Indian cuisine and spices was passed down to her by her family of spice growers. Her mission is to share her passion for food, culture, and sustainable living with people around the globe who want to embrace healthy eating.
Indian Cuisine: Healthy Spices
Are you sacrificing health for convenience when you eat?

Sometimes, you have to experiment to create the food your body needs. Simple recipes with balanced spices may be the answer.

Processed foods contain chemicals and preservatives that may contribute to inflammatory conditions. They also don’t contain the richness of flavor that a home-cooked meal does.

You don’t have to rely on sugars and fats to have a flavorful meal. Spices have medicinal benefits and make the food taste good.

It’s best to buy whole, organic spices and grind them yourselves. You don’t need an overwhelming number of spices in your cupboard. Stock your supply with what you will actually use.

Listen as May Fridel joins Dr. Mike Fenster to chat about how to put spices to use for rich, flavorful meals.
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