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Immunity Boosting Meals to Balance Out That Quarantine Comfort Food

From the Show: COVID-19 DAILY
Air Date: 5/20/20
Duration: 14:45
Host: Caitlin Whyte
Immunity Boosting Meals to Balance Out That Quarantine Comfort Food

French linguists debate the gender of the word COVID-19, more Americans are turning to CSA’s to get their produce during the pandemic, and could mouthwash help curb the spread of coronavirus, saying pushing it off further could lead to another potential public health crisis

Good food can be a real comfort when you’re sheltering in place for days. But we all need to resist the temptation to boredom-binge on sweets, or fatty, salty snacks. Our own Scott Webb caught up with Pamela Riggs- and outpatient nutrition coordinator and registered dietician nutritionist at MarinHealth. Check out the full interview on The Healing Podcast by MarinHealth on all podcast platforms. 

Our healthcare Hero today is back in Salinas Valley, California. Carla Spencer is the Director of Emergency Services at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and tells us a bit about how her department is holding up.

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