Don't Feel Just "OK"! Learn to Be Your Healthiest Self

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Feeling just "OK" isn't okay! Learn how to achieve and maintain your optimum level of health and well-being.
Air Date: 12/20/16
Duration: 31:11
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Whitney Tingle & Danielle Duboise, Founders of Sakara Life
Whitney-DanielleSakara Life is a Healthy Living company that helps its clients achieve and maintain their optimum level of health and well-being. We don't believe in counting calories or carbs (or pounds for that matter), we support our clients by revolutionizing the way they think about their food and health!

The Sakara Organic Meal delivery is a revolutionary program that cleanses and detoxes your body the way nature intended. No powders, no juices, no starving yourself. Just fresh, delicious, thoughtfully-prepared meals that are nutritionally designed to give your body what it needs so that it can let go of whatever it doesn't (toxins, excess weight, etc. yuck!).

Nature knows best. Let it do it's magic and bring your body back to balance.

About the girls:

A former model and actress, Danielle had endured a long, uphill battle, where she suffered from body image issues, roller coaster diets and weight fluctuation. Finally she broke away from the torture and began making loving, healthy choices for herself as a lifestyle, not as a diet. After carefully crafting a meal program that worked for her, she was ready to share her secrets with the world. Thus Sakara Life was born. Thrilled with how great she felt, Danielle went on to become a certified holistic health coach, advocate and curator of wellness and health. Her mantra? Food should make you feel sexy!

Whitney was working on Wall Street when she realized her passion was sharing her love of health with financiers who were leading stressed out, toxic lives. Whitney knew all too well the ways in which stress manifested itself in the body. She had gained 15 pounds at her finance job and suffered from cystic acne. She had seen every dermatologist in New York. She tried everything from accutane to acupuncture, but deep down, she knew there had to be a better way. That’s when she partnered with Danielle to create a meal plan that gave her the benefits of long-lasting weight loss, clearer skin and so much more. After seeing how this new lifestyle bettered her own life, Whitney also went on to become a certified yoga instructor. Go ahead, ask her for a stock tip while you’re in downward dog.
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Don't Feel Just "OK"! Learn to Be Your Healthiest Self
Food is nourishment, but we often look at it as something to be feared. We count calories and punish ourselves when we eat too many and don't burn enough.

The goal should be to count nutrients, not calories. When you eat nourishing food, the question becomes "am I getting enough?" not "am I eating too much?"

Sakara Life is a Healthy Living company that helps its clients achieve and maintain their optimum level of health and well-being. Founded by Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise, the company support clients by revolutionizing the way they think about their food and health.

Both Whitney and Danielle came to understand why healthy living is so essential after each experiencing negative health consequences relating to food and diet. 

They now know that feeling just "OK" isn't okay!

The first step to becoming your healthiest self is finding your "home base," that state in which you feel fantastic. Constipation can be a signal that you're tipping the wrong way, as well as skin breakouts, fatigue, and yeast infections. Symptoms can be subtle, but if you're in-tune with how your body reacts, you can pick up on them.

If you do sway from home base, you can quickly get back with a few simple detox tips: eat plenty of leafy greens and take a probiotic and digestive enzymes on a regular basis. 

The Sakara Life centers on the idea of making the right choices for your body because you want to, not because you have to. Sakara is not just about eating clean... it’s about living clean. It's important to be a conscious consumer in all areas of your life.

Listen in as Whitney and Danielle join Dr. Taz to share their own health journeys, why they founded the company, and how you can started on becoming your healthiest you.
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