Encore Episode: SIBO, FODMAP & The Alphabet Soup of Your Gut

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Dr. Michael Ruscio discusses how nutrition isn't the only component of gut health.
Air Date: 3/26/19
Duration: 29:35
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Michael Ruscio, MD
Michael-RuscioDr. Michael Ruscio gives smart, busy people suffering from symptoms like daily bloating…  constant fatigue… and unexplained weight gain… simple steps to start living a healthy, enjoyable life again - no matter how long you’ve been suffering for.       

Specializing in autoimmune, thyroid, and digestive disorders, Dr Ruscio has spoken at The SIBO Symposium Summit, Paleo FX, Ancestral Health Symposium, Sean Croxton’s Digestion Sessions, as well as many other international conferences and top health podcasts.

Find out more about his simple, evidence-based approach to healing chronic illness at www.drruscio.com. Purchase Dr. Ruscio’s latest book, Healthy Gut Healthy You, on Amazon today.
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Encore Episode: SIBO, FODMAP & The Alphabet Soup of Your Gut
Dr. Michael Ruscio knows the importance of gut health. His personal experience led him to study integrative medicine for his own treatment.

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a disorder caused by excessive bacteria in the small intestine. Symptoms can mirror IBS with constipation, bloating, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux may also occur. Non-digestive symptoms include thyroid problems, anxiety, brain fog, skin conditions and metabolism.

Forcing a restrictive diet will not correct an issue that is non-dietary. Active issues in the gut need to be addressed. 

Food intolerances are something you can control. Remove foods that produce an inflammatory immune reaction in your gut. Eliminate processed foods.

You may have to limit foods that are rich in FODMAPs, short chain carbohydrates that are tough to digest. Not everyone can handle cruciferous vegetables like broccoli when there’s a bacterial overgrowth. Prebiotics in these foods can feed the bad bacteria until they’re handled.

Much of the immune system and the process of inflammation takes place in the gut.

Listen as Dr. Ruscio joins Dr. Taz to explain SIBO, FODMAPs, and how to improve your health by aiding your gut.