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Toy Safety: Danger Lurking Beneath the FUN

Toys can make great gifts, but are they safe?
Expert: Chuck Nozicka, DO, FAAP, FACEP

The Holiday Diet: Can You Have Your Cake & Eat It Too?

How can you enjoy the holidays without gaining that holiday weight?
Expert: Catherine Marco, MD

The Holidays & Excessive Alcohol Use

During the holidays, 79,000 deaths occur annually as a direct result of excessive alcohol use.
Expert: Preeti Jois, MD

Depression During the Holidays

Are the holidays really the "happiest time of the year"?
Expert: Stephanie Duggan, MD

Holiday Stress & Visits to the ER

How can you be safe and healthy during the stressful holiday season?
Expert: James Williams, MD

Testicular Cancer: A Young Man's Disease

In the U.S., between 7,000 and 8,000 diagnoses of testicular cancer are made each year and about 380 men will die from the disease.
Expert: Rian Dickstein, MD

STDs: What Are the Silent Symptoms in Men?

More than 110 million Americans are living with an STD and 20 million new STDs occur annually.
Expert: Howard Mell, MD

Diabetes & Men: How Does It Affect Your Health?

More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, and one in four people don't know they have it.
Expert: Thomas Tobin, MD

Osteoporosis: Why Are Men Rarely Screened?

Up to 25 percent of men over 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis, and one-third of hip fractures are in men.
Expert: Chadd Kraus, MD

Excessive Alcohol Risk in Men

Approximately 63% of adult men reported drinking alcohol in the last 30 days.
Expert: Col. John McManus (Ret.) MD, MBA, FACEP

Ebola in West Africa: What Can Be Done?

With all the news surrounding the situation in the United States, it's easy to lose focus of the major Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the thousands killed by it.
Expert: Rade B. Vukmir, MD & David C. Pigott, MD

Travel Bans: Help or Hinder the Fight Against Ebola?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is against any travel ban from West African countries that have been affected by Ebola. Why?
Expert: Rade B. Vukmir, MD & David C. Pigott, MD

Are Emergency Departments Prepared to Handle Ebola?

Emergency departments are the nation's front line for all medical emergencies, including the current Ebola situation in the United States.
Expert: Rade B. Vukmir, MD & David C. Pigott, MD

What are the Real Risks of Ebola to the Public?

When and how can a person who is infected with Ebola give it to another person?
Expert: Rade B. Vukmir, MD & David C. Pigott, MD

Ebola 101: What You May Have Missed about the Virus

Every day there seems to be something new about the Ebola virus, which may lead you to question everything you've previously thought.
Expert: Rade Vukmir, MD & David Pigott, MD
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As an emergency physician, Dr. Vinocur says, "I don't always get to practice preventative medicine. All too often I see patients after the fact, once they are already injured or ill. That is why I love my adjunct broadcast career so much. I look at it as a public health initiative because I can proactively help people manage their health and wellness before an emergency occurs.". Read more

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Expert guests from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) join emergency room physician, Dr. Leigh Vinocur to discuss weekly news, healthcare and pop culture health issues.

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