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Ebola Virus: Is the U.S. Next to Be Affected?

In light of the recent Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa, might the U.S. be next?
Guest: Dr. Jon Mark Hirshon

Are Vaccinations Good or Bad for Your Child?

There has been a recent resurgence in deadly diseases such as measles and whooping cough, partly due to the anti-vaccine movement.
Guest: Al Sacchetti, MD

Serious Dangers of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes more than nine deaths each day in the US. Learn how to avoid becoming a statistic.
Guest: Dr. James Williams

E Cigarettes: Your Child May Be in Danger

E-cigarettes are gaining popularity. But there are still many health risks to watch out for, especially where your children are concerned.
Guest: Dr. Ron Kirschner

Gestational Diabetes: Putting You & Your Baby at Risk

Obesity is a huge risk factor for developing gestational diabetes. How can you protect yourself and your baby?
Guest: James Barrow, MD

Antibiotic Overuse Can Put You at Risk

Are you over-medicating yourself every time you get a simple cough? Know when you should and should not use antibiotics.
Guest: Rade B. Vukmir, MD

Itchy, Irritated Eyes? It Could Be Pinkeye

Do you suffer from red irritated eyes, itchiness or swelling in your eyes? It could be conjunctivitis, better known as pinkeye.
Guest: Dr. Lorraine Metzler

Extreme Athletes Can Suffer Extreme Injuries

Sporting events such as snowboarding and skiing were once considered "extreme." But slope-style events have now become mainstream. How can you protect yourself from injury?
Guest: Christopher Hogrefe, MD

Decriminalizing Pot May Land More Kids in the ER

A new study looked at states that decriminalized marijuana and found an increase in the number of children requiring medical intervention.
Guest: Sam Wang, MD

A Deadly Problem: Heroin Use on the Rise

Heroin abuse and overdoses are on the rise. Dr. Marsha Ford helps shed some light on this lethal addictive drug.
Guest: Dr. Marsha Ford

Balancing the Benefits of Wine & Chocolate

You certainly wouldn't think of wine and chocolate as "health foods," but they actually do contain health benefits when consumed in moderation.
Guest: Dr. Bruce Lobitz

Avoiding Potential Injuries Related to Ice & Snow

Are you prepared for the potential risks that ice and snow bring? Dr. James Williams provides some life-saving suggestions.
Guest: Dr. James Williams, MD

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent, Odorless Killer

Carbon monoxide is a very serious threat when the temperatures drop. Be sure you and your family members are protected against this silent killer.
Guest: Dr. Eric Lavonas, MD

Recognizing Frostbite Before It's Too Late

One very serious risk with the arctic cold and wind chills is frostbite.
Guest: Dr. Juan Fitz, MD

Don't Risk Hypothermia During Cold Weather

The polar vortex has brought deadly cold to many areas of the country this winter. Are you protecting yourself and your loved ones against hypothermia?
Guest: Dr. Juan Fitz, MD
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