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Video Capsule Endoscopy: Detecting Internal Bleeding

Summary: A breakthrough new screening method could help save your life. Learn how this "pill camera" works and why it's so revolutionary.
Air Date: 3/1/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur
Guest Bio: Dr. Andrew Meltzer
Dr. Andrew Meltzer is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He specializes in clinical research and gastrointestinal emergencies. Dr. Meltzer did his residency in emergency medicine at the University of Maryland. He graduated from Brown University and received his medical degree at SUNY Downstate University.
Video Capsule Endoscopy: Detecting Internal Bleeding
Internal bleeding is a dangerous and potentially deadly health issue. Methods of screening and detecting internal bleeding have typically been either an endoscopy or a colonoscopy. But these methods often failed to detect bleeding in lower intestinal regions.

However, a new "pill camera" has been able to overcome the limitations of endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Special guest Dr. Andrew Meltzer joins us to explain the inner-workings of this breakthrough discovery and how it just may save your life.