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Basic First Aid Preparedness

Summary: Would you be prepared to come to the aid of a severely injured vicitm if tragedy struck near you?
Air Date: 4/26/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur
Guest Bio: Dr. Eric Lavonas, MD
Dr. Eric Lavonas is an emergency physician at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. He’s also the associate director of the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, and an expert in toxicology. Dr. Lavonas is also an ACEP spokesperson.
Basic First Aid Preparedness
Hopefully, no one ever has to experience something like the recent Boston bombings... but, what if you did?

Would you know basic first aid for yourself or others if you happened to be a bystander? What should be your immediate response, given such a situation?

Our expert, Dr. Eric Lavonas, walks us through life-saving advice that you and everyone you know should have.

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