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Bio Ellen Briggs

Ellen Briggs, Founder, President, Food Consultant, Author,has spent most of her career in sales and marketing in the media, advertising, and natural foods industries. She began her Better Food Choices education as a child. Her mother refused to succumb to the original Wonder Bread and T.V. Dinner trends. Organic gardens were found in her family’s yard, a novelty at the time.

Over time, all of this made an impression on Ellen. She followed her mother’s better choices lifestyle when she became mother of Deirdre and Justin. After thirty years of either working or being a stay-at-home mom, Ellen started a food consulting business. She began working directly with mothers and kids, guiding them through grocery stores in search of Better Food Choices kids would eat.

The foundation of the Better Food Choices concept and related publications and programs were built on these experiences. Stemming from authoring the book, Are Your Kids Running on Empty? and cookbook, Mom, I’m Hungry. What’s for Dinner? this program evolved into the Family Food Experts, home of the Kid Kritics Approved Seal Nutrition Education Program. 

Thousands of hours have been spent with kids, running Kid Kritics Taste Tests, listening to their responses, educating them on food as well as interacting and speaking with moms and dads.  Her internet radio show has grown into Family Food Kitchen which she hosts with Carolina Jantac, RD, Thursday, Noon ET on RadioMD. Ellen has 3 grandchildren a following of thousands. Ellen knows kids!

Bio Carolina Lima Jantac

Carolina Lima Jantac, MS, RD, LD

Nutrition Expert, Social Media Manager is excited to be a part of an important program for mothers, dads, and kids who need so much guidance. As a Registered Dietitian, she has spent most of her career working in pediatric and adult hospitals as well as long term care centers.

She has learned and applied the power of food and choices we make regarding nutrition as the number one impact on health, longevity and quality of life. Her research at University of Florida on Vitamin B6 was published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (2007). Carolina brings international flare as she has a dual citizenship (Brazilian and US). She is a brilliant cook.

"I am happily married and have been blessed with two healthy children, Isabela and Daniel. They are great kids and my personal 'experiment' as I introduce them to new foods and educate them on healthy eating, raising them to be good examples of good nutritional choices making a difference for life!" Carolina has joined Ellen Briggs in hosting the show, Family Food Kitchen Thursday, Noon ET on RadioMD.

Show Information

A home’s kitchen always has and always will be Grand Central for family activity, especially now that it is coupled with “family room.” What better place to huddle to inspire and teach families to serve and enjoy healthier foods in order to turn the tide of disease among children and adults. Hosts Ellen and Carolina are passionate about providing you nutrition education and healthy food solutions your whole family will enjoy. They have fun sharing easy practical, budget/time-sensitive ways to shop, prepare and serve healthy meals, ones even kids will be begging for seconds!

Core Content:

- Nutrition Education You Can Understand
- Healthier Food Solutions That Taste Good!

That’s why they interview expert guests such as Joy Bauer (Best-selling author, NBC Today) about Nourishing Snacks and Chef Ann Cooper (Renegade Lunch Lady), as well as chosen mom bloggers who share wonderful healthy family recipes. Ellen and Carolina also host their own segments featuring Food in The News such as “FDA Comes Out of the Chicken Closet.” Plus they showcase themed recipes. For example, after listening to “Discover Eggplant” when you see one in a produce section, you’ll grab it and simply prepare highly nutritious recipes that will have your family asking for more.

Research confirms when families cook, eat and clean up together, they enjoy better health and improved mental and physical performance. Ellen and Carolina are determined to convince busy families, you can do it! The more you engage your family in the heathy delicious kitchen experience, the less likely your family will experience eating disorders, be overweight, and spend their life struggling with chronic diseases.

For this win/win Family Food Kitchen be healthier with every bite recipe, tune in weekly:

Thursdays, 11am ET
Twitter: @KidKritics
FB: Kid Kritics
Pinterest: Kid Kritics
YouTube: Kid Kritics

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