Impact of Eyesight on Learning & Classroom Behavior

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: What impact does eyesight have on how children learn and their overall health?
Air Date: 9/16/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Richard Hom, DO
Richard Hom Before joining Anthem, Dr. Richard Hom was the managing optometrist at FirstSight Vision Services, Inc. in Tulare, California. He also worked in various roles in the field of optometry at the San Mateo Medical Center and at the Northern California Permanente Medical Group.

He earned his O.D. in Optometry from the University of California at Berkeley and his M.P.A. from San Francisco State University. He also is a Diplomate with the American Board of Optometry. He is currently studying for his Ph.D. in Biomedicine on vision impairment and physical activity as it relates to disability.
Impact of Eyesight on Learning & Classroom Behavior
While an eye exam may not have been listed among the books and supplies your kids needed for school, it is a vital factor for ensuring their success for the school year to come.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 80 percent of learning in the classroom takes place visually.

And, on average, one in four children have an undetected vision problem that can affect their ability to perform well in school.

In fact, some of the most common vision problems can be missed during routine eye tests and can even be misdiagnosed as a learning disorder.

Richard Hom, DO, joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss children's eye health.


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