5 Signs of Knee Pain to Discuss with Your Doctor

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Summary: Why do so many patients ignore their knee pain?
Air Date: 10/9/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: David Fisher, MD
David Fisher Dr. David Fisher is an Orthopedic surgeon practicing in Indianapolis with a group called Ortho Indy. He is fellowship trained in arthritis surgery and total joint replacement. His practice is dedicated to providing care to those who suffer from arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, and other degenerative or traumatic conditions of the hip and knee.

In that capacity he performs approximately 500 total joint replacement procedures and several arthroscopic procedures annually. While the majority of his patients are from Indiana and the Midwest, he has patients from all over the United States and from five foreign countries. From 1988 until 2005 he was the Director of the Total Joint Service at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

He is currently the Director of the Total Joint Center at the Indiana Orthopedic Hospital and is the Past-President of Ortho Indy.
5 Signs of Knee Pain to Discuss with Your Doctor
Knee pain: are you one to ignore it and simply tough it out?

If you're one to ignore it, you're not alone. Many who have chronic knee pain wait anywhere from seven to 11 years before getting help.

However, ignoring knee pain can lead to bigger problems down the road.

In many instances, knee pain that is left untreated can turn into osteoarthritis (OA). With OA, the normally smooth joint surfaces are worn away, and over time this may result in bone-on-bone contact, pain and stiffness. In the U.S., OA is a major cause of crippling knee pain, affecting nearly 27 million Americans.

What are the five signs of knee pain that you shouldn't ignore?

  1. You have knee pain one or more days per week.
  2. You have knee pain when walking more than a block.
  3. Knee pain interferes with your sleep.
  4. Pain medication no longer alleviates your knee pain.
  5. Knee pain affects your activity level, causing you to stop doing what you love.

David Fisher, MD, shares the five signs of knee pain that you shouldn't ignore.


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