How to Live Your Life without the Approval of Others

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: Why do you continually seek approval, and how could you overcome that?
Air Date: 10/12/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Cynthia Belmer, Author
Cynthia Belmer Cynthia Belmer is the author of Life without Approval, a Self-Love Coach, and an inspirational speaker.

She helps free-spirited women from all over the world be find their own voice and create a loving relationship with themselves and others.
How to Live Your Life without the Approval of Others
While it's human nature to want to be liked, it becomes stressful if you try too hard to be accepted.

You may have a tendency to seek other people's approval because your deepest desire is to be loved and accepted.

But, if you could change the stories that block you from being your honest self, then you could achieve happiness with less stress and anxiety.

Author Cynthia Belmer shares how you can live your live fully and without any approval needed.


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