Can Acupuncture Treat Your Cold?

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: How long do you usually need to see an acupuncture therapist before you start to see results?
Air Date: 10/22/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Philip Trigiani, Doctor of Acupuncture
Philip Trigiani Philip Trigiani maintains a Doctor of Acupuncture, a New York State License; is Board Certified; and holds a Clinical Masters Degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine specializing in orthopedic disorders, joint disease, and spinal cord injuries.

He's a graduate of the New York College of Health Professions for Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management, and has been in patient practice since 1992.
Can Acupuncture Treat Your Cold?
When it comes to the common cold, you may be better off heading over to an acupuncture practitioner than chugging that bottle of Nyquil for short-lived relief.

Acupuncture is commonly known for alleviating physical pain, but is also becoming immensely popular among men and women suffering from weakened immune systems and chronic colds.

Studies confirm that the 5,000-year-old practice elevates immune-enhancing hormones and blood counts, nipping sneezes and coughs in the bud.

Here are some of the ways acupuncture can help:

  • Reducing chills, fever and body aches.
  • Providing relief for sore throat and congestion
  • Reducing stress: a prime culprit that can make your cold even worse.

Listen in as Doctor of Acupuncture, Philip Trigiani, shares how acupuncture can treat your cold and ease your symptoms.


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