Ways to Maintain Muscle Health as You Age

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Summary: What are some tips for keeping muscles working and preventing risk of muscle loss?
Air Date: 10/28/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Suzanne Gutierrez Teissonniere, MD
Suzanne GutierrezDr. Suzanne Gutierrez is a double board certified physician in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and in Sports Medicine. Trained in interventional spine procedures and electrodiagnostic testing, her non-surgical approach to managing musculoskeletal injuries has made her a favorite amongst NY Sport Med patients, now a part of the Orthology family.

Being recognized as a Rising Star in Sports Medicine in the annual Super Doctors list places Dr. Gutierrez in the top 2.5% of physicians within the New York Metro area considered for this laudation. As a firm believer of maintaining an active lifestyle, Dr. Gutierrez enjoys exercise, dancing, and travel. Like many of our patients, Dr. Gutierrez is a competitive runner and regularly competes in half marathons.
Ways to Maintain Muscle Health as You Age
Muscle mass declines with age, and after age 50, the rate of muscle loss begins to outpace the rate of muscle gain.

With these facts, it's important for people to know what they can do to preserve and gain muscle throughout their lives.

What can you do to help maintain muscle health?

  • Practice yoga
  • Beef up the protein
  • Don't skip warm up and cool down

Listen in as Suzanne Gutierrez Teissonniere, MD, shares how you can maintain your muscle health as you age.
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