Medications & Traveling: Benefits/Risks of OTC Meds and Sleep Aids

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Summary: Is there a way to prevent illness before traveling?
Air Date: 11/6/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Avni Mahiji, PharmD
 Avni Mahiji Dr. Avni Mahiji, the perfect compound from the mixture of beauty and brains, is a board certified pharmacist residing in New York.

The summa cum laude graduate of Boston's Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has spent her entire career helping people, and currently shares her prescription and OTC expertise worldwide. Dr. Mahiji's daily responsibilities for the past five years have included counseling patients on over the counter items, assuring that patients' medications are issued properly, checking for drug interactions, assisting patients with making cost effective decisions, and following up with patients on recovery and medication compliance. She also has consistent interaction with physicians to optimize patient medications.

Committed to her role as a health and wellness expert, Dr. Mahiji's purpose is to bring awareness of the connection between medications and overall wellness by educating patientsabout the benefits and potentialrisks of pharmaceuticals andhomeopathic products. As such, she embraced the opportunity to run a flu clinic for three years, and she is highly sought after in the area of helping patients with lifestyle modifications that will help lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Additionally, Dr. Mahiji is exceptionally knowledgeable on medications related to anxiety/depression, heartburn, food allergies, and decongestants.

Medications related to travel and sleep are also amongst the many with which she is well abreast. She has shared a wealth of wisdom as a columnist for Natural Awakenings (New York edition) on the subject matters of anti-aging and hair loss.
Medications & Traveling: Benefits/Risks of OTC Meds and Sleep Aids
When you're finally able to get away, the last thing you would want to happen is to get sick and not be able to fully enjoy yourself.

Traveling through different time zones can mess up your sleep and cause you to not fully engage on vacation.

If you're feeling tired or feel an illness coming on, you might try OTC medications to help nip it in the bud. However, like with all medications, there are plenty benefits and risks.

What are the benefits and risks of OTC medication and sleep aids?

Listen in as Avni Mahiji, PharmD, shares the risks and benefits of OTC medications while you're traveling.


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