3 Important Rules for Skin Care

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Summary: What are ceramides and why are they vital for skin moisturization?
Air Date: 11/12/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Mike Smith, MD
Mike Smith The country doctor with a city education," that's how Dr. Michael A. Smith's many devoted fans describe him. Senior health scientist and nationally-known media personality for Life Extension, the world's leading organization dedicated to extending the healthy human life span. His engaging ability to present complex medical topics, be it inflammation, diabetes, migraines, food sensitivity or weight management, in a clear, conversational manner has won him a sizable following of anti-aging and disease-prevention enthusiasts.

Also known as "Dr. Mike" for more than eight years, he has been affiliated with Life Extension in a variety of expert roles including health advisor, clinical information educator, senior health scientist, and spokesperson.
3 Important Rules for Skin Care
Would you like soft, supple, healthy-looking skin? Most of us would, and the expensive collection of creams, serums, and lotions in your bathroom cabinets proves it.

Recent results of clinical trials on skincare and emerging dermatological science have given doctors and consumers suggestions on how you can best transform your dry, aging skin into skin that looks younger, healthier, and visibly smoother... and keep it that way throughout your lifetime.

What are the three important rules for skin care?

Listen in as Mike Smith, MD, shares the three important rules for skin care.
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