Molly: What You Should Know

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Summary: What should you know about ecstasy, also called "Molly"?
Air Date: 3/18/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Elizabeth Drew, MD
Dr. Elizabeth DrewDr. Elizabeth Drew is a board certified family physician who specializes in addiction medicine. She graduated from Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, which is now part of Drexel University, and then completed her family medicine residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown. Her medical career began at a busy family medical office in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and for the last seven years she has been in solo practice in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Drew is a true believer in individualized care. She is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and she is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. She firmly believes that the doctor-patient relationship is a partnership and understands that her role is one of listening, understanding and advising. She developed this philosophy in her role as a family physician and has incorporated it in to her treatment of addiction.

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Molly: What You Should Know
Ecstasy, also known as Molly in its purest form, has gained notoriety as a club drug.

Molly increases serotonin. It seems to reduce anxiety, heighten sensations, and make one feel more socially connected.

It can also be lethal, especially when combined with other illegal drugs. It is addictive and has been linked to numerous overdoses and arrests. It can even cause irreparable brain damage.

Molly may be legalized by 2021 for PTSD sufferers. What kind of impact will this have?

Medical Director at Summit Behavioral Health, Dr. Elizabeth Drew, joins Melanie Cole to discuss what you need to know about Molly.


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