Revisionary Rhinoplasty: Nose Job Repair

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Summary: Does your nose job need to be corrected?
Air Date: 4/8/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Nicholas Sieveking, MD
Dr. Nick SievekingDr. Nicholas Sieveking is a board certified plastic surgeon who completed his training in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Stanford University. After Stanford, he received additional fellowship training in Aesthetic Surgery in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to his plastic surgery board certification, Dr. Sieveking is also board certified with advanced fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. This double board certification enables Dr. Sieveking to be the most complete anti-aging surgeon and physician to treat his patients age-related needs, from the inside to the outside. Dr. Sieveking’s comprehensive solo practice includes advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, state of the art cosmetic laser and skin care services, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, medically-supervised weight loss programs, and cutting edge laboratory testing for hormone, amino acid, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies as well as toxin analysis and food and chemical sensitivities testing.

Dr. Sieveking has operated and lectured around the world on topics of face lifts, breast surgery, and cleft lip and palate repair. He has authored a chapter on Rhinoplasty in one of the major training textbooks for plastic surgery residents. In 2012 and 2013, he was voted “Top Plastic Surgeon in Nashville” in two Readers Polls by the citizens of Nashville.

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Revisionary Rhinoplasty: Nose Job Repair
You don’t love your nose, so you save up your money and invest in a "new" nose.

You do your research, select a surgeon, and follow post-op instructions to the letter. Your new nose is an improvement, but you’re still not in love with it.

Rhinosplasty is very complicated, and it’s one of the most common plastic surgery procedures to be revised. It's important to know if you are a good candidate for revisionary rhinoplasty, or if your expectations are unrealistic.

Listen in as Dr. Nicholas Sieveking discusses what you need to know about revisionary rhinoplasty.
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