Summer Body Fat Fix

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Summary: Hoping to lose some fat for summer?
Air Date: 6/10/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Taz Bhatia, MD
Dr. Taz BhatiaDr. Taz Bhatia, MD, is a board-certified physician, specializing in integrative and emergency medicine, pediatrics and prevention, with expertise in women’s health, weight-loss and nutrition. She is the author of What Doctors Eat and The 21-Day Belly Fix. Personal health challenges in her 20s combined with a broken health care system motivated Dr. Taz to pursue an alternative definition of health and healthy living. Early in her medical practice, as a young resident, Dr. Taz began searching for answers to her own health issues. Studying various systems of medicine, she found a wealth of information not yet taught in conventional medical schools. It led her to opening her now nationally recognized practice, CentreSpringMD (formerly Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine). Dr. Taz and her team work to find a patient’s core health problems, their centre, in order to spring them forth in health, pulling from multiple systems of medicine, including integrative, functional and holistic medicine.
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Summer Body Fat Fix
Summertime means elevated temperatures and sunny skies.

For many people, it also means swimsuit season. You may have your sights on shedding some winter weight before hitting the pool. Zoning in on the areas that need the most help can give you more success with your weight loss goals.

While you can't necessarily "spot reduce," you can learn how your body works by the ways you accumulate fat. Your body tells a story and gives clues as to how you should tailor your efforts.

For instance, if you carry weight in your belly, you're more likely to have problems with insulin resistance. Begin with the foods you're eating. Aim for low-carb, high protein foods, as well as lots of vegetables.

If weight is problematic in your hips and thighs, you may have an estrogen imbalance or thyroid issues. Look at your sleep and the foods you're eating. A Mediterranean diet is helpful for addressing weight carried in these areas. 

You should also come to understand when the shifts happen in your hormones as you age. Get your hormones checked at least once a year; ideally every six months. 

Cardio and weight training can improve insulin resistance and help metabolize estrogen more efficiently. 

Dr. Taz Bhatia joins host Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss how you can achieve your "summer bod."
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