National HIV Testing Day

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Summary: National HIV Testing Day is June 27th. Get yourself tested for free at Walgreens.
Air Date: 6/22/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Glen Pietrandoni, Senior Director of Virology, Walgreens
Glen PietrandoniGlen Pietrandoni, RPh, AAHIVP, is Walgreens senior director, virology. Glen is a life-long resident of the Chicago area, where he been an active member of the HIV/AIDS community. After graduating from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Glen co-owned multiple independent pharmacies in Chicago and its suburbs for 10 years. He began his career with Walgreens in 1990, around the time of the approval of the first HIV/AIDS drugs.

From 1996 to 2003, he managed a Walgreens pharmacy at the Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC) which specializes in HIV/AIDS—the first Walgreens pharmacy of its kind, located in an LGBT community center. Today, Walgreens has more than 200 locations within health centers; over 100 of them focus on HIV/AIDS and over 700 HIV specialized pharmacies in highly impacted communities across the country. Now a 25-year veteran with Walgreens, Glen is responsible for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis programs and services.

As part of his ongoing commitment to supporting patients with HIV/AIDS, Glen earned his American Academy of HIV Medicine credentials in 2008. He plays an active role in community initiatives, co-chairing gala committees for HBHC and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, as well as currently serving on the boards of directors for two national AIDS organizations based in Washington, D.C. (AIDS United and ADAP Advocacy Association). Glen has also co-chaired WPRIDE, the Walgreens LGBT affinity group.

National HIV Testing Day
June 27, 2016 is National HIV Testing Day. Walgreens is teaming up with local health departments to offer free HIV testing from June 23rd to June 25th.

About 200 Walgreens stores are offering free HIV testing, assisted by employees of local health departments. Testing is anonymous. Some tests take one minute for results, while others take 20 minutes. To find a Walgreens near you for this test, visit

Stores are also distributing informational booklets on what to do after you are tested. If you test negative but may put yourself at risk, you may consider the PrEP daily pill to help you stay HIV negative.

Listen in as Glen Pietrandoni, Senior Director of Virology from Walgreens, shares what you need to know about this testing event.


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