Health Secrets that Affect Your Bottom Line

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Summary: Working hard takes a toll on your body. Learn how to take control of your health and boost productivity.
Air Date: 7/7/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Dawn Peters, CEO & Owner of Naked Health
Dawn PetersDawn Peters, CEO and owner of Naked Health, is a Coach and Connector for a Healthy You, Healthy Business. She has been coaching, networking, and speaking on a global basis for over 20 years to a wide variety of audiences.

Dawn impacts ‘one to many’ through events such as Lunch-n-Learns, webinars, and boutique gatherings. Her Partnership Program offers her 16 years of extensive networking in the DMV area, and dynamic marketing and success platform, to companies seeking increased exposure, branding, and solid connections.

She has been featured on WJLA, WUSA9, USTV, Emeril Lagasse; been the speaker at Deloitte, Exxon Mobil, Wells Fargo, and NIH. She is a contributing author in two books, Getting Well – Mind, Body, & Spirit and The Perfect Network-Out, as well as Family and Spirit Mind & Body magazines.
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Health Secrets that Affect Your Bottom Line
The work world takes a toll on your body. 

We all sit far too much when we work at desks and suffer through long commutes, leading to blood clots and terrible posture. Our schedules are overloaded as we try to balance work life with home life. The incomplete to-do list and unresolved problems keep us up at night, leading to poor sleep.

You can't perform your best at work when you're worn down. How can you get back on track?

First, make smarter food choices at the office. You may tend to reach for high-fat and high-sugar foods from office vending machines and cafeterias. This affects how you respond to your colleagues and your families after work. Make smarter takeout choices. Carry fruit and nuts to the office for snack time.

Second, try to get plenty of sleep. Go to bed earlier. Try some relaxation techniques if you can't easily fall asleep.

Many companies are taking on the responsibility of health for employees. Having a wellness program in place seems to recruit better employees. Less absenteeism, better performance at work, and happier families all result. Take advantage if your company has a wellness program.

Listen in as Dawn Peters shares how you can improve your productivity and counteract the negative health effects of working.


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