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Is Your Child Overweight? There is Help

From the show: Healthy Children
Dr. Sandra Hassink, MD
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Dr. Sandra Hassink, MD
sandra hassinkDr. Sandra Hassink has been working in the field of childhood obesity since 1988, when she started the Pediatric Weight Management Clinic at A I DuPont in Wilmington DE. She is a past Board member of the AAP and currently serves as the chair of the Advisory Committee of the AAP Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight. She has taught extensively and authored numerous articles and books  on childhood obesity

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is launching a major new initiative in its fight against childhood obesity, focusing on both the prevention and treatment of what has become a major threat to children’s health in the U.S.

The new AAP Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight leads the academy’s efforts in providing pediatricians, families and communities with evidence-based resources to help prevent and treat childhood obesity.

There is help, and you can find it here...
  • Original Air Date December 05, 2012
  • Host Melanie Cole, MS

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